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  • Brinley Addington

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    Born and raised in Kingsport, Tennessee, Brinley Addington’s passion for Country music began well before the small town singer can even remember. At age three, Brinley began climbing on top of his parent’s coffee table pretending he was performing on the Grand Ole Opry. Brinley was influenced early on by the hymns he heard on Sunday morning and the traditional country voices of Randy Travis, Vince...

  • Paul Adelstein & DORIS

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    “Paul Adelstein has been making music for over a decade, but you probably know him best from his role as Dr. Cooper Freedman on TV’s Private Practice, or from one of his many other big and small-screen appearances alongside some pretty big Hollywood names. The Chicago native also dabbles in directing, scoring films, writing, and music production. But, with the release of his second ...

  •  Adema

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    Adema formed in the California Central Valley that spawned Korn and Videodrone. The melodic hard rock band consists of guitarist Mike Ransom, guitarist Tim Fluckey, bassist Dave DeRoo, drummer Kris Kohls, and singer Mark Chavez, the younger half-brother of Korn's Jonathan Davis. Adema consists of former members of Bakersfield bands Juice and SexArt, which included Davis and Ryan Shuck of Orgy. The...

  • Andrew Adkins

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  • Trace Adkins

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  • Cisco Adler

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    Cisco Adler is a platinum selling singer/songwriter/producer from Malibu, California known for bringing back the “California Sound.” A multi-talented musician, vocalist, and, and arranger that can bring the life (and a little bit of California) to any party on record or otherwise. Cisco is one half of the alternative hip-hop group Shwayze. The duo have released several hit records, ...

  • Corinna Sowers Adler

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  • James Adomain

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    JAMES ADOMIAN is a daredevil dancing queen – but don’t you know deep down he’s just a kitten! James was a finalist on the 2010 season of LAST COMIC STANDING, and his many insane characters appear as celebrated guests all over the podcast-o-sphere. He is a staple on COMEDY BANG! BANG! and guest stars on the new season of CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL. Catch James live performing standup and characters across...

  • Kink Ador

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    About strange rockers. fearless, not fashionable. Biography Description big time sensuality, bravery and love. Band Interests Making Art Artists We Also Like the Police, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Prince

  • Ahsia Adore

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  • Wild Adriatic

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    10 out of 10 Dads approve of this rock and roll band. Heavy soul and lots of groove. Coming to a town near you soon, leaving no stages un-thrashed.

  • Creative Adult

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    Scott Phillips Michael B James Rogers Michael Fenton Anthony Anzaldo

  • Adultnapper Adultnapper

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     Equally accomplished as a DJ, producer and composer, Francis Harris has emerged as one of North America's premiere underground electronic music talents. His discography counts over 40 EPs and remixes for respected labels like Poker Flat, Mule, Simple, Nummer, Clink and his own boutique imprint Ransom Note. Dark yet moving, his introspective solo excursions as Adultnap- per continually challe...

  • Young Adults

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    As part of a growingly endangered breed of all vinyl selectors, LA’s Young Adults opt to let the records play in this digital age of short attention spans and instant gratification. Comprised of the Friends of Friends label founder Lazybrow and terrestrial radio staple Deepbody, the YA sound runs the gamut from low slung sunshine disco to deep and dank warehouse heaters. As an imprint, Young...

  • Nighttime Adventure Society

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    The Nighttime Adventure Society plays rollick ‘n roll music. They secretly released their first EP, Chapter One: The First Chapter, in early 2011. Their music has been featured on NPR, Delta radio, and in a commercial for Sally Hansen. They have performed nationally and internationally, including a several shows at the World Expo in Shanghai. The Nighttime Adventure Society is currently hard...

  • The Adventures of Kaila & The Kid

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    The Adventures of Kaila & The Kid is a new group that is gonna blow you away. Hailing from NYC and calling themselves beat rhymers, this duo which features Kid Lucky and Kaila Mullady, combine beatboxing, rapping, spoken word, scatting, and vocal sound effects into an awesome display of vocal abilities that translates into amazing songs and a good time! Building themselves on the streets of NY...

  • The Adversary

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    Andre Mistier’s journey through music has been an unconventional one. The New York musician, who has a foundation in theater, has explored the connection between electronic sounds and instrument-based rock since the inception of his first band Ism in 2004. In 2008, as his tenure with Ism was drawing to a close, Mistier began working on film soundtracks and theater scores, his first musical efforts...

  • Monk's Advice

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  • No Advisory

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  • Dj Aebl Dee

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    A native of West Oakland, Aebl Dee has been rocking events all around the Bay Area for over a decade. A staple of the Bay Area entertainment scene, Aebl’s energetic, club rocking sets have made him one of the Bay Area’s most eclectic DJ’s. With energetic sets and an ever expanding fan base, it is no surprise that Aebl Dee has earned the respect of the most established DJ&r...

  • Xavier Aeon

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  • The Aeons

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    Age of 15 I formed a band with schoolmates/friends. Songs were not bad for 15 yr olds, mostly covering the topics of figuring out one's own beliefs, trying to fit in with society and peers, experiencing intense romantic feelings for the first time, and recounting memories/understanding one's past. Various genres were used. After 7yrs, The Aeons has become a collection of 4 friends who l...

  • Am Aesthetic

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    Since the inception of AM Aesthetic in 2008 as a songwriting experiment with Rob Suchecki on vocals and guitar, and Pat Raimondi on bass, things have progressed quite quickly into: "AM Aesthetic: The Hardest Working Band You've Never Heard Of". ..With the addition of RJ Dowhan on drums in 2009, the band quickly hit the road and began to play a truly outrageous amount of shows, conquering the North...

  • Jason Afable

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  • Maurissa Afanador

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    Maurissa Afanador has played with and sometimes been paid by Chicago's Second City, ImprovOlympic, ComedySportz, The San Francisco Mime Troupe, and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. She also penned the foul though critically acclaimed plays, Storytime With The Dead Mrs. Treat and The (Magnificent) Ass Show.

  • Nick Africano

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    A son of the moon. A butterfly bull. Nick Africano is a songwriter, poet, multi-intrumentalist, band-leader, solo performer, producer, and experiments with watercolors. His style defies the confines of genre, and lives in the mysterious space of rock and roll, storytelling, and folk music. In an ether of contradiction. Lyrics often softly spoken, or soulfully crooned. At once powerful and subtle. ...

  • Step Afrika!

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    Step Afrika! was founded in 1994 as the first professional company dedicated to the tradition of stepping. It now ranks as one of the top ten African American dance companies in the United States. The Company blends percussive dance styles practiced by historically African American fraternities and sororities, African traditional dance and influences from a variety of other dance and art forms....

  • Zozo Afrobeat

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  •  Afrojack

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     born September 9, 1987, commonly known by his stage name Afrojack, is a Grammy Award Nominated Dutch music producer and DJ. Born and raised in Spijkenisse, Netherlands, He was listed as number 19 on DJ Mags top 100 DJs of 2010. This was the highest new entry of the year's list. Afrojack's song "Take Over Control," which features Dutch singer Eva Simons, charted in a number of...

  • DJ Afro-Marc

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    DJ Afro-Marc is best known for his work on the Afrobeat Blog and Afro-Marc Podcast, but also has a history of moving dancefloors across the globe. Blending influences and sounds from across the African diaspora, Afro-Marc finds the continuity funky music has to offer. He will be spinning all night before and between sets.

  • Acoustic AfroZep

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    AfroZep is a band that plays high-energy afro-beat and afro-pop versions of Led Zeppelin songs, complete with horns and percussion.    Wilson, Marshall and Ryan conceptualized the idea in the Summer of 2009. Less than 6 months later they were touring the Midwest performing in St. Louis, Iowa City, Kansas City, Madison and Rock Island.   Their first hometown perfor...

  • Park After Dark

    Park After Dark View Profile

    PARK AFTER DARK is: Sal (Vocals) Brian (Guitar/Vocals) Jesse (Drums) Chris C. (Bass) Lisa Jeanne (Keys)

  • The After Kicks

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    The After Kicks are a garage rock trio located in Brooklyn NY.

  • Life After Mary

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  • The After Party

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  • The After Party Feat. Member of The Voice Season 2

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  • Cigarettes After Sex

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    Cigarettes After Sex is a conceptual pop project consisting of songs written & recorded by Greg Gonzalez & performed live with a backing band consisting of a revolving door of different local musicians & songwriters. The project began in 2008 with a string of demos & live performances influenced heavily by 80's dance pop such as Madonna, New Order & Erasure & lyrically by w...

  •  After the Tragedy

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    Formed in the small town of Cabot, Arkansas, progressive hardcore kids After The Tragedy are on a mission to use music to spread hope. This is their mission statement:"At some point in everyone's life they will experience some form of tragedy, whether it's a death in the family, terrorist attack, weather catastrophe, or getting fired from the job expected to be their career. Eventually, the victim...

  • Giraffe Aftermath

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    Building on the traditions of reggae and dub music, Vancouver's Giraffe Aftermath use hip-hop rhythms and a psychedelic approach to create a unique blend of lively, danceable music. Formed in 2006 by Steve Hackenbruch and Luke de Villiers, this songwriting/production duo remains the core of the band's music. Joined on stage by Paul Steffes and a revolving cast of peripheral players, Giraffe Afte...

  • The Afters

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    The unlikely origin of the Texas-based rock quartet The Afters is steeped in caffeine. Josh Havens and Matt Fuqua were working together at a Starbucks in Mesquite, Texas while playing for other bands. On slow nights, they entertained customers and themselves by playing a few acoustic songs. "I'm sure we weren't supposed to be playing music on the clock, but the customers liked it," Havens jokes.Th...

  • Emily Afton

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    Emily Afton’s voice is transporting. Deep and smokey, Emily delivers her emotive and honest songs from a place that feels lodged in the past, rooted in a dreamy era. You can hear the Georgian lineage on her mother’s side, conjuring a Southern swamp, mixed with urbane pop relevance. Oakland indie-rock meets an after hours quest for mischief, with ribbons of soul and electro-pop inter...

  • DELETE artist again

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  • Live Again

    Live Again View Profile

    Live Again is a Dallas based band that formed in 2014.    Their style is rock and pop, and all original music.   Juan Cano (drums) and Johnathan Ballew (vocals and guitar) created the band after more than three years as musicians in other bands.   They brought in Jose Hernandez as the bass player.    Their influences are I See Stars, Fall Out Boy, ...

  • Rage Again

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  • Red Again

    Red Again View Profile

  • Action Against Hunger Fundraiser

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  •  Against Me!

    Against Me! View Profile

    To pirate the title of one of their early songs (and still a set-list staple), Against Me! is a band that laughs at danger and breaks all the rules.   Fronted by Laura Jane Grace, AM!’s much-anticipated latest offering, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, is scheduled for release in January 2014. The title of their sixth album offers a direct nod to news that shocked fans and shook ...

  • Slaves Against The Machine

    Slaves Against The Machine View Profile

    It is no easy task to pay tribute to one of the most legendary bands to come out of Los Angeles, Rage Against The Machine.” Many have said it can't be done and anyone would agree it takes the right amount of energy, charisma, musical prowess with an authentic sound and performance to get them right. SLAVES AGAINST THE MACHINE brings to life an uncanny portrayal and musical performance, e...

  • Sarah Agajanian

    Sarah Agajanian View Profile

    Sarah the Gypsywolf is a Singer/Songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. Her haunting whisper of a voice and ethereal melodies will leave you craving for more. She is an artist that expresses herself through many mediums, but her captivating energy will lure you into the unknown. Classic Rock is a part of her soul and heavily influences her writing. Don't expect this light to burn out.

  • DJ Agana

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    When I'm not saving the world, I'm DJing. 

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