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  • West Aldine

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  • Brian Aldridge

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  • Hannah Aldridge

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    There are few artists that can truly encapsulate the essence and true range of Americana like Muscle Shoals artist Hannah Aldridge, whose musical pedigree precedes her and speaks for itself. Hannah Aldridge is the daughter of Alabama Music Hall of Famer Walt Aldridge, who is one of the most prolific songwriters of the modern musical era. Twice named by Billboard magazine as one of the Top Count...

  • Walt Aldridge

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  • Fuzz Aldrin

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  • Jimmy Aleck

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  • Helms Alee

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    Helms Alee’s music is exactly the sort of mutant, fantastic hybrid that used to only occasionally erupt out of small, isolated scenes, uninformed by trends of the day — instead inspired by the band’s own collective contributions. The Seattle trio’s unique amalgam of metal, art rock, pop and punk is charmingly reminiscent of the fertile creativity that groups once had before...

  • Caroline J. Alegre

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    Caroline Joy (C.J.) was in the middle of law school when she picked up the ukulele for the first time, on the island of O'ahu. From the moment she first held the beautiful little stringed instrument in her hands, she was hooked. C.J. moved to the bay area in 2009, where busking in the Bart stations was a source of solace. This led to lovely things, including a feature in Rolling Stone M...

  • Vic Alejandro

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    This Denver comedian can best be described as sometimes physical, sometimes intelligent, and sometimes even funny. Basically, whatever he finds amusing. Published in the soon-to-be-released (Sept 2006) “The Complete Idiots Guide to Jokes”, Vic has appeared at clubs across the country. His credits include and Animal Planet, as well as a variety of films.

  • Tara Alesia

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  • Insecure Alex

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    Formed in early 2015 by musicians from around the greater Los Angeles area, Insecure Alex is composed of four artists joined together after various musical ventures. Featuring Mark Vasquez on lead vocals; Alex Endonino on guitar and vocals; Francis Galluppi on drums; and Scott Holmes on Bass guitar, the band has performed multiple shows at venues across the city.          ...

  • Ivy Alex

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  • SANDY Alex G

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    The new album from Alex G BEACH MUSIC is out now on Domino Records.

  • The Alex Hahn Crossing

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    Mutli award winning group from Denton, TX now located in Los Angeles, CA. This genre fusing group brings technically sophisticated yet creative and thoughtful jazz to the mainstream public.

  • Anthony Alexander

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  • Ashley Alexander

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    Country Singer-Songwriter Ashley Alexander tells stories of love, family, heartbreak and strength. A native of New Hampshire, now based out of California, Alexander has opened for Willie Nelson, Luke Bryan and Chuck Wicks as well as performed the National Anthem for NASCAR. On February 27th, Alexander will celebrate the release of her follow up fan-funded second album, ‘With You...

  • Berel Alexander

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    Berel Alexander is an Oakland-based Singer/Songwriter and high-energy front man raised in the rural northern coast of California. Only 28 years old, for the past 8 years he has been "layin' it down" traveling, performing, and tightening a potent 5-piece band, cultivating a sonically refreshing sound. Berel riffs the acoustic guitar with tuneful melodies, connecting people in all...

  • Charles Alexander

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  • Cindy Alexander

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    ​“P-nut,” as she is affectionately known by her fans, has a voice that defies her petite stature. Classically trained, this coloratura soprano hits the high notes like an angel but also bellows with rich, velvety tones in the lower half of her over three octave range. She’s a storyteller, and her show benefits from the stories, humor and banter with the audience in between songs ...

  • Dean Alexander

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  • Emby Alexander

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    Phoenix, AZ -- For the last two years, Phoenix indie giants Emby Alexander have stood out as a staple of the central Arizona's eclectic DIY music scene. Called "Phoenix's own Talking Heads" by Java Magazine, Emby Alexander aim to further push the envelope of experimental music with their first full-length album, Frontispiece.   Frontispiece is a twe...

  • Jacobb Alexander

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    Jacobb Alexander is a music artist based in Los Angeles, CA. As a hopeless romantic, his music is a magnet to vulnerable and honest emotion, with clever use of prose, and just enough soul for the masses. Despite being new to the performing scene, Jacobb has been working behind-the-scenes in music production, songwriting, and composition since the age of 15. He produced the...

  • Jessi Alexander

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  • Linsey Alexander

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    Blues entertainer Linsey Alexander was born in Mississippi but raised in Memphis, where he got his first guitar from a family friend. After learning the rudiments of blues playing and vocalizing from recordings by Little Milton and B.B. King (both of whom had also journeyed to Tennessee from the Delta), he saved up the money to travel to Chicago in the late '50s, and never looked back. While worki...

  • Max Alexander

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    "Hollywood Squares", "The Tonight Show", "Evening At The Improv" and CBC's "Just For Laughs Gala" are just a few of Max's television credits. Movies include "Man On The Moon" and "Roxanne" and he has opened for Tom Jones, Julio Iglesias and Ann Margaret.

  • Morgan Alexander

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  • Natasha Alexander

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    Natasha Alexander is a young woman who’s been singing practically her entire life. Coming from a musical family on Manhattan's Lower East Side, she was raised on the sounds of vinyl records — everything from John Coltrane and Pink Floyd to Donny Hathaway and Steely Dan. Growing up, she sang in the church choir and school musicals while also receiving Opera and Classical training. Possessing what m...

  • Scotty Alexander

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  • Shane Alexander

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    Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/guitarist Shane Alexander ( ponders life, death, and the long road to enlightenment on his fourth solo record, Mono Solo. The follow up to the internationally acclaimed The Sky Below (2008), the new set stretches out sonically, and lyrically explores corners of the mind where few writers dare to tread. The opening track, “Miles for...

  • Taylor Alexander

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    Taylor Alexander is a Georgia-raised, Nashville-based singer and songwriter. He's a four-time Georgia Country Music awards nominee, and has garnered praise for his songwriting that's rooted in traditional country and timeless themes. He spent the last five years touring the United States in bands, and in 2015 embarked on a career as a solo artist. 

  • Tommy Alexander

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  • Asking Alexandria

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    Life is all about how quickly you get back up. In January 2015, everything changed for Asking Alexandria. The chart-topping, gold-selling UK hard rock outfit parted ways with singer and founding member Danny Worsnop. On the outside, the future might’ve seemed uncertain—even grim—to some, but Ben Bruce [lead guitar, vocals], James Cassells [drums], Cameron Liddell [rhythm guita...

  • Ted Alexandro

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    Ted Alexandro has been a comedian for twenty years. Time Out NY called Ted “One of the funniest comedians working today.” Ted has performed on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, The View and two half-hour specials on Comedy Central. Ted opened for Louis C.K. at Carnegie Hall. Ted has performed internationally in Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Hong Kong, South K...

  • Alex Alexion

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    Alex Alexion is a female artist originally from a small town in MA. Keyboardist/Singer/Song Writer has a diverse group of influences such as Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, Murder By Death, Tool, Fiona Apple, and more...Most of the music comes from darker places, take a listen an enjoy

  • Shelly Alexis

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  •  Alexisonfire

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    When a band names themselves after the world's only lactating contortionist, you know you are in for something different; and as with the original act, you know that some people are going to be fascinated, some will be in awe, and some will consider the whole lot to be a complete and utter waste of time. This is a band of extremes: screaming and pleading, ugly and beautiful, poetic and obscene, ob...

  • Natalie Aley

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    Natalie Aley + New Cycle is a project based on a collaboration of two people who share their passion for music. After years of studying, soul search, songwriting and performing on the stage, these two musicians finally fulfilled their dream and started a project that embodies the best of Pop, Funk, Disco, Eletronic and Brazilian music.  The new EP Emptiness is produced by twice Grammy nomi...

  • Natalie Aley & New Cycle

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    "Natalie Aley is taking the stage at Witzend again. Natalie Aley moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago to work on her career  as a singer-songwriter and record with various producers.  Originally from Moscow, Russia, she played the leading role in the "We will rock you musical". She met Daniel Carneiro, a brazilian guitarist from Los Angeles and together they created a project ...

  • Deborah Alfaro

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    Deborah Alfaro is a smooth and sultry adult contemporary pop singer/songwriter. Her striking voice with lush warm tones wraps you up as a spectator to stories of life, love, loss and a slice of Americana. Melting your ears like a hot fudge sundae sliding effortlessly down, Deborah‘s melodies and harmonies are tantalizing to the taste, rich with smooth textures and sweetness. She resonates w...

  • Baby Alfred

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    Crazed garage rock and roll from the burning sands of Arizona.

  • Pat Alger

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  • Omar Alhindi

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  • Abdu Ali

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    Propelling out of Baltimore, Abdu Ali is a musician who raps, sings, and chants over unorthodox beats for the creation of inspirational melodic poetry. In a year since the release of his debut project, INVICTOS, and this Fall’s Push + Slay, he has become known for his consistent energetic performances, spiritualizing audiences as a cosmic, punk and soulful tempest on stage. His music is structured...

  • Ammar Ali

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    Ammar is medical student / comedian who loves making sarcastic observations. He has performed in Comedy clubs and Universities across the Midwest.    Saving lives.......then killing them with jokes

  • Asif Ali

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    Asif Ali is a handpicked favorite from some of the top comics working today. From his domestic and international stand-up career, Asif continues to excel as a well rounded entertainer. Growing up as a young East Indian comic in Arizona, Asif can tell you first hand how life was trying to explain to locals that he was not Mexican. His trademark stage personality and storytelling has been featured ...


    BLOCK ALI View Profile

    Block Ali is a rock and roll band based out of Los Angeles, California.  Comprised of 3 transplants from the mid-west, who were raised on rock & roll, good times, & bad advice.  Musicians who play instruments & sing songs, without the aid of auto-tune or choreography. Their music is a blend of the blues, funk, folk, free love, and good old fashion rock and roll.

  • Brother Ali

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  • Kara Ali

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    Kara Ali is a singer/songwriter hailing from New Jersey. She has been writing a fusion of rock, folk and soul since she was in High School. She was the band leader for “The Cables”, a band that she started out at Northwestern University in Chicago that combines the spirit of rock, the sweetness of folk, and the sultriness of soul. Kara has played at venues ranging from Chicago’s ...


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  • May May Ali

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