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  • Ted Alexandro

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    Ted Alexandro has been a comedian for twenty years. Time Out NY called Ted “One of the funniest comedians working today.” Ted has performed on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, The View and two half-hour specials on Comedy Central. Ted opened for Louis C.K. at Carnegie Hall. Ted has performed internationally in Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Hong Kong, South K...

  • Kira Alexi

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    Kira Alexi is a progressive rock American/Filipino singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kira took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles at age 16 to pursue a career in music. Her music has been noted for her ethereal vocals, complex harmonies and introspective lyrics.  Kira’s unique sound is accomplished with the help of her band consistin...

  • Alex Alexion

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    Alex Alexion is a female artist originally from a small town in MA. Keyboardist/Singer/Song Writer has a diverse group of influences such as Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, Murder By Death, Tool, Fiona Apple, and more...Most of the music comes from darker places, take a listen an enjoy

  • Shelly Alexis

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  •  Alexisonfire

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    When a band names themselves after the world's only lactating contortionist, you know you are in for something different; and as with the original act, you know that some people are going to be fascinated, some will be in awe, and some will consider the whole lot to be a complete and utter waste of time. This is a band of extremes: screaming and pleading, ugly and beautiful, poetic and obscene, ob...

  • Natalie Aley

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    Natalie Aley + New Cycle is a project based on a collaboration of two people who share their passion for music. After years of studying, soul search, songwriting and performing on the stage, these two musicians finally fulfilled their dream and started a project that embodies the best of Pop, Funk, Disco, Eletronic and Brazilian music.  The new EP Emptiness is produced by twice Grammy nomi...

  • Natalie Aley & New Cycle

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    "Natalie Aley is taking the stage at Witzend again. Natalie Aley moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago to work on her career  as a singer-songwriter and record with various producers.  Originally from Moscow, Russia, she played the leading role in the "We will rock you musical". She met Daniel Carneiro, a brazilian guitarist from Los Angeles and together they created a project ...

  • Deborah Alfaro

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    Deborah Alfaro is a smooth and sultry adult contemporary pop singer/songwriter. Her striking voice with lush warm tones wraps you up as a spectator to stories of life, love, loss and a slice of Americana. Melting your ears like a hot fudge sundae sliding effortlessly down, Deborah‘s melodies and harmonies are tantalizing to the taste, rich with smooth textures and sweetness. She resonates w...

  • Baby Alfred

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    Crazed garage rock and roll from the burning sands of Arizona.

  • Pat Alger

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  • Omar Alhindi

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  • Abdu Ali

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    Propelling out of Baltimore, Abdu Ali is a musician who raps, sings, and chants over unorthodox beats for the creation of inspirational melodic poetry. In a year since the release of his debut project, INVICTOS, and this Fall’s Push + Slay, he has become known for his consistent energetic performances, spiritualizing audiences as a cosmic, punk and soulful tempest on stage. His music is structured...

  • Ammar Ali

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    Ammar is medical student / comedian who loves making sarcastic observations. He has performed in Comedy clubs and Universities across the Midwest.    Saving lives.......then killing them with jokes

  • Asif Ali

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    Asif Ali is a handpicked favorite from some of the top comics working today. From his domestic and international stand-up career, Asif continues to excel as a well rounded entertainer. Growing up as a young East Indian comic in Arizona, Asif can tell you first hand how life was trying to explain to locals that he was not Mexican. His trademark stage personality and storytelling has been featured ...


    BLOCK ALI View Profile

    Block Ali is a rock and roll band based out of Los Angeles, California.  Comprised of 3 transplants from the mid-west, who were raised on rock & roll, good times, & bad advice.  Musicians who play instruments & sing songs, without the aid of auto-tune or choreography. Their music is a blend of the blues, funk, folk, free love, and good old fashion rock and roll.

  • Brother Ali

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  • Kara Ali

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    Kara Ali is a singer/songwriter hailing from New Jersey. She has been writing a fusion of rock, folk and soul since she was in High School. She was the band leader for “The Cables”, a band that she started out at Northwestern University in Chicago that combines the spirit of rock, the sweetness of folk, and the sultriness of soul. Kara has played at venues ranging from Chicago’s ...


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  • May May Ali

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  • Nadia Ali

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  • Tayyib Ali

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    Tayyib Ali is a 23 year old artist from Philadelphia, PA. Music was intilled in him from a very young age.  Ali began to hone his rap skills at the tender age of 10.  He spent the majority of his teenage years perfecting his trade.  For Ali a hobby quickly turned into a buring passion. He had the talent and drive to succeed.  From Philly to LA, Tayyib Ali's fan base is ra...

  •  Ali & Gipp

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    Bringing the sounds and spirit of two crews along with two cities together, Ali & Gipp came on the scene in 2005 when they collaborated on Nelly's track "Grillz," which also featured Paul Wall. Gipp from the Atlanta crew Goodie Mob and Ali of St. Louis' St. Lunatics decided to turn this collaboration into something more, but held out for the right song. It was Ali who found "Go 'Head," a hard club...

  • Gina Alibrio

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    A New Hampshire native and graduate of Emerson College, Gina Alibrio has been performing regularly in the New England music scene for over a decade.  She has been a lead and back-up vocalist in several collectives including The Amorphous Band, The Jackleg Preachers, Richard James & the Namechangers, and John Powhida & the International Airport (the 2011 WBCN Rock N’ Roll Rumble ...

  • Asa Alice

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    Soulful and new to the industry, Asa Alice is a talented female vocalist ranging from ambient/down tempo notes while maintaining mainstream pop perfection.

  • Cracked Alice

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    Cracked Alice offers both a vibrant touch and a sophisticated songwriting style with no shortage of infectious hooks, sweet melodies and intelligent lyrics. Possessing a well-honed song craft rarely seen in today's music. After hearing a scratch demo of Matthew through a mutual friend, guitarist Lynxx sought him out to get him involved in his new band concept, Cracked Alice. A short jam session ...


    WOLF ALICE View Profile

    Wolf Alice are a four-piece from North London consisiting of Ellie Rowsell, Joff Oddie, Joel Amey and Theo Ellis and were noted as the most blogged about artist in 2013 in the UK on BBC Radio 6. In 2014 they signed to Dirty Hit Records, and released their second EP Creature Songs in May. While the group's early material was folk-tinged pop, they became more rock-oriented after the rhythm secti...

  • Lauryn Alicia

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    Based out of Los Angels, Lauryn Alicia has evolved her music into a genre of it's own. With her ear for Jazz and heavy soul and electro pop influence, her sound is colored with echos of nostalgic melodies and imagery.

  • Barely Alive

    Barely Alive View Profile

    With 5 consecutive Beatport number 1s, over six million streams in the last 12 months off the back of their lively social media interaction, and collaborations and remixes for Zomboy, Datsik, SKisM, Excision, Destroid, Astronaut, Getter and more under their belt, few can deny that Barely Alive are one of the most exciting and fastest growing bass music acts to emerge over the last year. ...

  • Dream Alive

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    Soaring harmonies and memorable melodies - DREAM ALIVE is a high-energy piano rock band with genuine influences from classic era artists such as Elton John, The Beatles, Journey, Tom Petty, and a mixture of progressive rock to create a truly unique blend of melodic music. Although they wear their influences on their sleeves, the band has taken a fresh, modern approach to the music, which has shown...

  • Pain Alive

    Pain Alive View Profile

    Based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in the Fall of 2010. Pain Alive started when 3 members of the thrash metal band Unforeseen decided to start a little bit of a different endeavor. Wanting to rock a million faces with great songs and attitude, the 3 members of Unforeseen (Luke Hartshaw_guitar, Dan Bands_ who played guitar in Unforeseen and now bass for Pain Alive, And Gary Wells_Drums) met with...

  •  Alkaline Trio

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  • The Alkis

    The Alkis View Profile

    For songwriter Carly Calbero and drummer Nika Wascher, The Alkis was an inevitability. After years of incorporating Wascher's unique drumming and harmonies, the switch to a band just made sense. Their chemistry is undeniable onstage and their rhythmic, high-energy songs are a welcomed change from the typical girls-playing-music. In June they will be debuting their first EP - Bright Eyed Kids. ...

  • Till All Is One

    Till All Is One View Profile

    Til All Is One are: Mike Mckay – vocals and guitars, Neil Kogan – guitars, Karthik Suresh – bass, and Marco Morselli – drums. Formed in Los Angeles in 2010, Til All is One, combines not only different styles, but different walks of life and ideologies in their music. The prevailing goal is to not only marry together different sonic textures but to bridge gaps in the genre b...

  •  All Leather

    All Leather View Profile

    ALL LEATHER is what one would find on the (dance) floor of a seedy gay bar… the sonic perception of the last true socially accepted prejudices. One can hear, “fuckin’ faggots”, being yelled over and over as the poor brown and white trash trio make their way to the charts among the slew of what has already been done a million times over. You know, the thievery and...

  • Gino's All Stars

    Gino's All Stars View Profile

  •  All That Remains

    All That Remains View Profile

    "I think it is safe to say that All That Remains is a metalcore band," says Philip Labonte, All That Remains' singer. "We try to cover lots of ground, but do stuff that is still true to ourselves: we do solos because we like them; we do breakdowns because we like them; we have clean singing because we like it. We please ourselves first."All That Remains are lucky. Some bands please themselves at t...

  •  All Time Low

    All Time Low View Profile

    Formed in 2003 in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland, All Time Low started out as a high-school cover band before morphing into a melodic emo-pop act. Singer/guitarist Alex Gaskarth and guitarist Jack Barakat were All Time Low's co-founders, with bassist Zack Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson rounding out their energetic pop-punk sound and rowdy live show, which often included silly string and beach...

  • Wired All Wrong

    Wired All Wrong View Profile

    A collaboration between Jeff Turzo (God Lives Underwater) and Matt Mahaffey (Self), Wired All Wrong's origins are the result of a happy accident. As a result of mislabeling video credits on the MTV program 120 Minutes, the two bands became friends and often would tour with one another. After the breakup of God Lives Underwater, Turzo began recording tracks for the Wired All Wrong project. In the m...

  • The All-American Rejects

    The All-American Rejects View Profile

    Vocalist/bassist Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler both hail from Stillwater, OK, where the pair first embraced music as an appealing diversion from the ho-hum life of small-town America. Citing such influences as AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Bon Jovi, they formed the emo-pop group All-American Rejects in 2000, while both members were still in high school. Maintaining a full lineup proved to be d...

  • Gary Allan

    Gary Allan View Profile

    With the allure of a modern day outlaw, Gary Allan has won over fans, peers and critics with his signature blend of smoldering vocals, rebellious lyrics and raucous live performances. While becoming a force on the country music scene, Allan has remained true to his artistic voice each step of the way. Allan re-signed with Universal Music Group Nashville in 2016, the label home for the entirety of ...

  • Patrick Allan's Birthday Jam

    Patrick Allan's Birthday Jam View Profile

  • Nicholas Allbrook

    Nicholas Allbrook View Profile

    Nicholas Allbrook is a man of many monikers - POND front-man, former-Tame Impala bass player, one half of Allbrook/Avery and Peter Bibby drummer.   The new single Advance, out March 11th on Spinning Top Records, is the first taste from his forthcoming second LP. Nicholas Allbrook will be heading out on a national headline tour in support of the single this March. Tickets on sale no...

  • Alle Alle OCDJ

    Alle Alle OCDJ View Profile

    Baltimore based, chip-tune oriented electronic dance music "Think electronic/nintendo/spank rock, and you've got OCDJ. This is straight from Baltimore, and is the project of Dan Gaeta."

  • Gary Allegretto

    Gary Allegretto View Profile

    Allegretto's heady brew ranges from Piedmont style acoustic Blues to hard rockin' electric numbers. He has put together a stunning package that marks him as a compelling songwriter, a masterful harpist, and a strong singer. While his more famous friends make significant contributions to this project, it is Allegretto's vision that burns the brightest. It's hard to believe that he h...

  • Aimee Allen

    Aimee Allen View Profile

  • Andrew Allen

    Andrew Allen View Profile

    Allen’s DIY ability and optimistic attitude have served him well. He's scored three Top 10 hits in Canada, 2009′s “I Wanna Be Your Christmas”, 2011's "I Want You" and his biggest single released in 2010 “Loving You Tonight,” which was lodged in the upper reaches of the charts for more than 22 weeks.   A lilting, sunny tune about an ideal...

  • Anthony Allen

    Anthony Allen View Profile

  • Ben Allen

    Ben Allen View Profile

    Maybe it was the multiple brain aneurysms, maybe it was leaving the hospital, despite doctors assuring him he wouldn't live, but Ben Allen knew he couldn't take life for granted any more. This new lease on life inspired him to take a chance and claim his own sound and write songs from a fresh perspective. Blending the sounds of mountain folk music with southern soul to create the perfect b...

  • Bishop Allen

    Bishop Allen View Profile

    The new Bishop Allen record, Lights Out, is here at last. Here's what went into it: ten years, three full-lengths, twelve EPs, thousands of shows, a move out of Brooklyn, a new home in the wooly wilds of Kingston, NY, time off to score the films Bully and Mutual Friends, as well as an Anderson Cooper 360 special, months of demos, drum tracking in a sweat-lodge attic studio during a July hea...

  • Charles Allen

    Charles Allen View Profile

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