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  • Todd Allen

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  • Woody Allen

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  • Zariya Allen

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  • Stu Allen & Mars Hotel

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    "If you come, we will build it" Stu Allen on guitar, and an ever revolving group of incredibly talented musicians, playing music for the Deadhead community. Stu Allen - guitar Nick Sandoval - guitar Steve Davis - keyboards Yuki Furumi - bass Joel Saslow - drums

  • Jordan Allen & The Bellwethers

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  • Richard Allen and the Louisiana Experience

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    Deep in southwest Louisiana, in the heart of the region called Acadia, French speaking people pass down a culture hundreds of years old, rich in music, dance, food, language and love and kinship among family and community. It is called joie de vivre, or the joy of life, and the sounds and images of that Acadian tradition filled Richard Allen's world as a boy in Lafayette. It was a childh...

  • Dale Allen Pommer

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  • Jeffrey Allen Shaw Band

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    Playing all the great Blues, R&B, and Rock-N-Roll songs that you know and love! Band members: Jeffrey Allen Shaw, Kenny K, Bob Henry, Joe Veneto, Artie Comacho, Bobby Comacho, felix Tumbleweed Lomas, Anthony Franco 

  • Ray Allen The Band

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  • Greg Allens Fringe Religion

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    Greg Allen’s Fringe Religion is a Boston-based band that formed in 2013 - but they are hardly beginners when it comes to rock and roll. Singer, guitar player and songwriter Greg Allen and bass player Chicago Vin Earnshaw were in a band with the late great Jerry Nolan (drummer for the New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers). But Greg Allen is no Johnny Thunders clone. Yes, he&r...

  • AmbDyn Alley

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  • Charlie Alley

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    As a performer, Charlie Alley has an innovative technique that is unmatched. His combination of finger-style, rhythmic guitar, and along with the use of beat boxing, will create a soulful experience unlike any other. His original style of music is perfect for any event; from the intensity of a large venue to the intimacy of a select group. The passion for his craft is immediately apparent in his p...


    LIGHTBULB ALLEY View Profile

    It all started by accident Light Bulb Alley is a collective of 3 desperate souls that collided , Alas creating Rock ‘N’ Roll constellation out of twigs and stones. A crystallization of insane colors, patterns and shapes. If taken freely, without consulting a physician, Light Bulb Alley may cause side effects of dance floor shakes, schizophrenic love seizures, sulfuric impulse disorders, and sphere...

  • The Alley Crabs

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    "The Alley Crabs" formed in the orifice of the University of California Irvine with a natural inclination express themselves through a creative project formerly known as "Strangers Outside". Although they consider their music to be an outlet from study, they are becoming a now influential band for student life on campus. Tyler(lead vocalist),Nicholas ( lead guitar, backup vocal...

  • Metal Alliance Tour

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  • The Alliez

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    Whenever someone mentions the word "allies," I usually think of the Big Three, and I'm not talking about car companies. I'm going back to WWII here. While the USSR has collapsed, good music never dies. If that's true, The Alliez are pretty much immortal. The Alliez are not just any old reggae band. This is a band that defies classification. Their sound ranges from classic rock to Latin jazz to ...

  •  Alligator Republic

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    Post Punk/New Wave

  • Brooke Allison

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  • Kevin Allison

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  • Marianne Allison

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  • Sarah Allison Turner

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  • Devon Allman

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  • Michael Allman (Son of Gregg Allman)

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    Michael Allman, the eldest son of Allman Brother, Gregg Allman Rock Hall of Famer, not only sings like his father, but looks like him as well!  Close your eyes and you'll swear it's Gregg crooning away with that gravelly voice.  His distinctly original songwriting and playing style mixes rock, roots and the blues. During his performances he is known to perform a mix of originals ...

  • Devon Allman Band

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    The dirty blond hair is the same, the body posture is also the same, and there are touches in the voice that have a similar genetic connection, but Devon Allman has toiled long and hard to establish his own musical identity, separate from his legendary dad, Gregg Allman.  In fact, Allman, who was raised by his mom (Shelley, not Cher) in Texas, took up the guitar on his own, and did not mee...

  •  Allman Brothers Band

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  • Andy Allo

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    Every so often, an artist comes along who is indefinable -- an artist who is truly paving her own way with bits of music, sound, vibes and words that speak to her on a deeper level. Such an artist isn't bound by genre and is intent on creating a unique musical expression of herself. Cameroonian singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Allo is that artist.    Andy's new solo so...

  •  Allstar Weekend

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     For Allstar Weekend, there’s only one path to success: go all the way. They may have seemed like regular kids when they started out, but since the release of their 2010 debut album, "Suddenly Yours," Allstar Weekend emerged as one of the most promising young bands around. Wait until fans hear "All the Way," their new Hollywood Records album. In its 12 tracks, Allsta...


    JC ALLSTARS View Profile

    The performance group assembled to lead the charge has performed 6 World Tours to 12 countries directly on military bases. Their goal is to hand out over 100,000 copies of their ORT CD for FREE, personally to the troops!

  • Spam Allstars

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  • The Allstonians

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    (Ska) The Allstonians are a third wave ska/reggae band formed in Allston, Massachusetts in 1992. They have released three albums, on the Moon Ska Records label and the most recent on Fork In Hand Records. They have also appeared on many ska compilations. The band has been featured on MTV's The Real World, and can be heard often on college radio in the United States. They are influenced by b...

  • Dennis Alm

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    Dennis has been entertaining audiences with his unique brand of Comedy & Magic for over 25 years. His Award Winning Show is a favorite among entertainment buyers through out the country. His quick wit and ability to adapt to any situation while making it funny and entertaining makes him a hit at any function. Dennis became hooked on magic after he ordered his first mail order magic trick from...

  • Lisa Alma

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    Lisa Alma blends her soothing voice with tranquil piano chords and pulsating electronic beats to create an encapsulating dream-pop universe. Her self-titled album’s melodramatic aura puts a contemporary spin on ’80’s pop music. Intoxicating sounds and contemplative lyrics produce a sense of depth on her powerful debut album. Lisa Alma – born in 1986 – hails from the city of Copenhagen, Denmark....

  • The Almond Butters

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  • The Almost

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    The Almost is an emo solo project by Aaron Gillespie, drummer and occasional lead singer for Underoath, the Christian metalcore outfit he co-founded in 1998. Choosing to come out from behind the skins like his idol Dave Grohl before him, the Florida-bred Gillespie (who relocated to Salt Lake City in early 2007, following his marriage) wanted to explore a different outlet for his songwriting outsid...

  • Left Alone

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    Left Alone is a punk rock band from Wilmington, California. They were formed in May 1996 by lead vocalist and guitarist Elvis Cortez. Cortez formed his own label, Smelvis Records, to release Left Alone's records, and has since expanded the label to include numerous other underground bands. Cortez was also the owner of the PCH Club in Wilmington, which is now defunct. Left Alone's music has ska inf...

  • Let Alone

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  • Hop Along

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  • Jamie Alonge

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    Singer-songwriter Jamie Alonge, tells his story through elements of rock, soul, folk and pop that will leave you wanting more. He writes and performs edgy songs that will lead you through the emotions of life and love with his smooth tenor vocals. With the album, “Coast 2 Coast” completed, Jamie will be performing live in support of the new music. He is excited to get his music out to ...

  • Cristela Alonzo

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  • Tara Alouise

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  • Jenni Alpert

    Jenni Alpert View Profile

    Wth her honest rich songwriting and soothing musical melodies, pop songstress Jenni Alpert's haunting, powerful, and sultry voice is grabbing listeners in every corner. Largely influenced by Carol King, Karen Carpenter, Rickie Lee Jones and Aimee Mann, Jenni Alpert is a unique web of eclectic soul pop. Her emotionally driven songs, converging modern day pop influences, have been featured ...

  • Seeking Alpha

    Seeking Alpha View Profile

    Seeking Alpha was born from a trio of like-minded individuals who had the bravery to play their musical instruments in unison to create desirable sounds for all to enjoy. Aside from mastering run-on sentences, Seeking Alpha initiates insightful melodic sounds, intuitive rhythms, alliteration, and a burning desire to continually improve. In other words, we are constantly creating one of the best t...

  • Dead Alphabet

    Dead Alphabet View Profile

    Dead Alphabet Biography Dead Alphabet met in a dark, airless room and attempted, inappropriately, to get their instruments to mate. Two years later, this is still their goal. The music spawned from the skins, cymbals, speakers and strings is a sexy, frenzied beast child. It’s loud, abrasive and doesn’t take no for an answer. It is not, however, a problem child: recent successes, i...

  • Clint Alphin

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  • Kristiane Alphson

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    17 year old singer/songwriter

  • The Alpine Camp

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    The Alpine Camp is an endeavor that started as a musical challenge and blossomed into a larger obsession. Sounds of the outdoors channeled through live instrumentation were the parameters the band placed upon themselves. “We wanted to transmit the vibe of rock music through the medium typically used in folk, bluegrass and country bands”, says singer/guitarist Chris Be...

  • Swiss Alps

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    Swiss Alps started making music at the age of early childhood. Swiss Alps started on trumpet, then it progressed to trumpet and drums. its called drumpet. after it progressed to different instruments.

  • August Alsina

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  • Becky Alter

    Becky Alter View Profile

    A Los Angeles based artist, Becky Alter has been recognized for her vocals and style, described as having a voice that “rings clarity and perfection.”   Alter's debut album, BECKY ALTER, was released in 2012 … A collection of indie, blues, rock, and instrumental that has been regarded as having “catchy melodic hooks” and “hauntingly ...

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