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Misc. Ailments are 4 young men trying to explore the possibilities of platonic love between 4 grown individuals… and occasionally making music. All resident San Diegans from various parts of this rather large county, Misc. Ailments have been blaring their sound to the willing and unwilling for the past 4 years. Through line-up changes, your normal man drama, and all the wonderful awkward moments that can happen between 2 men; the group has finally landed a line-up that they are extremely proud of. Richard Patrick Ibarra on bass and Vocals; Cameron Versye Foley on Drums; Fonso Payumo Jr. on Guitar and Vocals; and Ruben Ochosa Jr. on Vocals, Keys, Guitar, shakers, bongos, glockenspiel…etc… you get the picture. Over the last three years, San Diego’s Misc. Ailments has independently released 2 EPs and has earned several acclaims including Skinnie Magazine’s Top 100 Bands in which they placed top 5. Their eclectic, yet pop sensible sound, has an explosive and energetic presence that commands the attention of any audience within earshot. Be sure not to miss their live show! " Not every human ailment has a telethon to help raise money. This space is donated to the Miscellaneous Ailments Foundation. If you or a loved one suffer from any of the following conditions, open your heart, dig deep, and give what you can. And please, no small donations, Try to give more than you can afford…" - George Carlin from Napalm and Silly Putty


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